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Wilde in the garden
Kim Wilde in  the Breakfast studio
Kim: still sings, as well as gardening
Most families with young children don't have a beautifully manicured lawn.

In fact, they're lucky if they can see any plants at all, through the clutter of bikes, trampolines, sandpits and play frames.

But, it needn't be like this, according to celebrity gardener Kim Wilde.

She's just written a book about gardening with children.

It's packed with projects to get youngsters involved - such as making scarecrows and mosaics for the garden - which should hold their attention long enough to let the grass grow.

The singer turned celebrity gardeners Kim Wilde dropped in to the Breakfast studio, to tell us more.

"As a fledgling gardener, with two children, I had to invent ways of getting the children into the garden," she explained.

You can plant seeds with the children - but there's no shame in buying instant plants from the garden centre.

Her own garden is packed with plants that the children can feel and smell - from Rosemary and Lavender to plants that smell of chocolate and pineapple.

Wilde at heart

As a singer, Kim Wilde had a string of hits in the early eighties.

She gave it all up to study horticulture at Capel Manor College in Hertfordhsire.

But, she told Breakfast, she still likes to go back to some of her favourite hits:

"I still try to get the leather strides on from time to time," she told Dermot and Natasha.

  • Gardening with Children by Kim Wilde is published by Collins ISBN: 0007193114, at 14.99

    Kim Wilde
    "I had to invent ways to get the children into the garden"

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