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Last Updated: Tuesday, 1 November 2005, 06:15 GMT
Memorial for the victims of 7/7
Tube explosion
We heard from some of those whose lives changed for ever by the bombings
Breakfast's main story this morning is the memorial service for the victims of 7/7 bombings, which will take place today at St Paul's Cathedral in London.

The Queen, Tony Blair and the Archbishop of Canterbury will attend the service.

More than half the congregation lost friends or relatives in the attacks, or were injured themselves, in the first suicide bombings on British soil

The families of those who carried out the attacks have not been invited.

This morning on Breakfast:

  • We talked to Marie Fatayi-Williams and two of her daughters, Ayisha and Lauretta.

    Marie Fatayi  Williams, with daughters Ayisha and Lauretta
    Marie has set up a peace foudation in memory of her son

    You may remember Marie's heart-rending plea for information on her son Anthony, broadcast just a day after the bombings.

    She told us how she still misses her son - and has now set up a foundation, bearing his name, to help the process of reconciliation.

  • We heard from Saba Mozakka, whose mother Behnaz was killed in the Piccadilly line bomb between Kings Cross and Russell Square.

    She told how the family gradually became more worried as they realised that Behnaz hadn't turned up for work, at Great Ormond Street hospital.

    "That night we started searching all the London hospitals. By the morning, there was a group of 60 of us travelling from one hospital to the next."

    The news was the worst the family had feared.

    Four months on, Saba still misses her mother: "We were really close," she told us. "We did everything together. She was my companion and my confidante."

  • We heard the stories of the firefighters who were first on the scene at the Edgware Road tube bomb. One, Kim Jerray Silver, told us how she'd had to sleep with the TV on that night, because she couldn't bear to think about what had happened.

  • The 7 July Assistance Centre, based in central London, is continuing to offer help to those affected by the events.

    The helpline is 0845054 7444. The website is www.7julyassistance.org.uk

  • The St Paul's Service is by invitation only, but you can watch it on giant screens in Trafalgar Square - or on BBC One, from 2.40pm

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