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Chris Hollins

Chris Hollins has been Breakfast's sports presenter since October 2005. The son of a professional footballer, and a former cricketer himself, he's passionate about sport:

Sport is an incredible thing. It has the ability to excite, unite and some times divide us.

It can give us such wonderful highs and then such incredible lows. And on Breakfast we aim to share those emotions with you.

We celebrate those great victories and capture the magic moments when your team or hero comes through.

Plus when things go wrong we share your disappointment and ask those questions that you want answers to.

I played first class cricket and football for Charlton reserves a few years ago... and my father, John was a footballer for Chelsea, Arsenal and England. So sport is in the blood.
On Breakfast, we also take to the great sporting occasion and find out if the players are up for the challenge or if they're struggling with the pressure.

We also try to solve a few sporting arguments as well. You only need to ask.

Every issue that matters to you is discussed.

It's your programme: so whether it's the offside rule , or you want to know the difference between a googly and a night watchman or you simply want to get involved, just contact us.

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  • Chris answers some FAQs on working for Breakfast:

  • Q: How are you finding the early starts?

    "The most difficult things is going to bed. My body wants to go to sleep at 7ish but my mind wants to stay up and watch TV until late.

    "It's going to be a constant battle. Waking up in the dark isn't much fun. Rob Bonnet did warn me!"

  • Q: What sort of experience do you hope the audience will get?

    "I want the viewer to get involved. I want them to meet the major players, whether it's the Olympic gold medallist, an international striker or the head of the governing body.

    "I want people to tell me what questions they want asked. I want the viewer to tell me about events happening around the world that we may missed and in the same way I want to introduce them to sports they may normally ignore."

    "I used to play sport at quite a high level. I played first class cricket and football for Charlton reserves a few years ago (10, in fact) and my father, John was a footballer for Chelsea, Arsenal and England.

    "So sport is in the blood. When you are a sport presenter you can still get involved. You can enjoy the highs and lows and you don't have to get muddy!! Breakfast is brilliant for that. We travel to the major events. We can part of the whole experience and also involve the viewers.

    "I can't wait to get my teeth into it."

  • Watch Chris's Breakfast Sport at 06.10am, 07.32am and 08.32am every weekday morning on BBC Breakfast.

  • If you have a question or a comment for Chris, you can e-mail the Breakfast team direct, using this form:

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