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Last Updated: Monday, 17 October 2005, 08:43 GMT 09:43 UK
Two decades with the Neighbours

Andi Peters with the cast of neighbours
Breakfast's special presenter Andi Peters mets the Neighbours cast

It's launched the careers of, amongst others, Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan and has brought a daily dose of Australian drama into our living rooms for the last two decades.

We are of course talking Neighbours, and today British fans will see a special 20th anniversary episode marking the television milestone.

To help celebrate, Breakfast guest presenter Andi Peters was live in Melbourne, behind the scenes on the Neighbours set to check out the comings and goings on Ramsay Street.

On Breakfast this morning:

  • We chatted to a whole host of cast members about their memories of the last twenty years, including Stefan Dennis who played Paul Robinson in the very first episode.

  • We heard from Russell Crowe who made a brief appearance on Ramsay Street at the start of his Oscar winning career.

  • And, the most famous mechanic turned musician. Kylie Minogue sent her birthday greeting to mark the anniversary.

    Neighbours: 20th anniversary episode -- 1.40pm and 17.35am on BBC One. Neighbours: A Celebration -- 14.05pm on BBC Two

    On Monday's Breakfast:

    He first hit our TV screens as Mrs Mangel's cheeky son Joe in the hit Aussie soap Neighbours.

    Joining Ramsey Street in 1988, Mark Little took residence at Number 32 where he added a touch of humour and drama to Erinsborough's favourite street.

    His character went through highs and lows.

    He married Harold Bishops daughter Kerry - only to find her shot during a dramatic duck hunt.

    Now after 14 years he's back on the street to mark the show's 20th anniversary.

    Mark Little told us all about his ups and downs as Neighbour's Joe Mangel.

    And standby for Tuesday's Breakfast special when we've got a special treat for Neighbours fans - old and new.

    Soap opera Neighbours is marking its 20th year of success on the small screen in its native country Australia on Friday.

    Holly Valance
    Holly Valance starred in the soap as Felicity Scully

    The soap has launched the careers of Kylie Minogue, Holly Valance, Natalie Imbruglia and Jason Donovan as well as Hollywood stars Russell Crowe and Guy Pierce.

    The show is watched by millions of people in dozens of countries, including Papua New Guinea, Dubai and Ghana. And in Britain more people tune in every week than live in Australia.

    The show largely revolves around the tortured love lives of teenagers and the emotional dramas of their parents, with the occasional seismic shock thrown in.

    It all takes place in Erinsborough, a fictitious district in the southern Australian city of Melbourne.

    Breakfast's interview with Joe Mangle

    Tuesday's Neighbours: 08.40 - 09.00am

    Tuesday's Neighbours: 0900 -0915

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