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Margaret Thatcher at 80
Margaret Thatcher in office
Margaret Thatcher: won three General Elections
Britain's first - and so far only - female Prime Minister turns 80 today.

Baroness Thatcher will be celebrating her birthday with a special party in London - where guests of honour will include the Queen and former US President George Bush.

It's now just over a quarter of a century since she won her first General Election - and 15 years since she resigned from office - the victim, according to her supporters, of a backstairs Conservative plot.

So, what's been her legacy - for Britain and for the Conservative Party, which she dominated for nearly two decades?

  • We spoke to one of the architects of her electoral success - the advertising guru Lord Saatchi.

    Lord Saatchi talked about Margaret Thatcher's legacy: "she understood general elections to be an intellectual battle." He also shared his views about Thatcher's ability to put arguments in simple language because she realised people are busy and because "simplicity is the outcome of techical subtlety." He complimented Thatcher's noble purpose, and her moral views about taxation and wealth creation.

  • We looked at the impact her career had on women in politics: only one in five current MPs is a woman. A recording will be available shortly of our interview with the recently elected Labour MP Kitty Ussher - and Eleanor Laing, who's the Conservatives' Shadow Minister for women.

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    Breakfast interview with Lord Saatchi
    Margaret Thatcher "understood General Elections to be an intellectual battle."

    Breakfast's debate on women in politics

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