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Last Updated: Friday, 4 March, 2005, 06:30 GMT
End of the line for cash
A smartcard which could replace cash is being tried out in Swindon
It's hard to imagine living in a cashless society, but banknotes and coins could eventually be replaced by a smartcard.

It's not a new idea, but Swindon in Wiltshire, is set take part in a new pilot scheme.

Credit cards, debit cards, charge cards and cheques have all contributed to us relying less on cash.

Of course the cheque itself is fast becoming redundant as the growth in debit cards linked to current accounts increases.

  • Breakfast had more on this throughout Friday's programme

  • Our reporter Mike Sergeant was in Swindon where a new cashless scheme is being piloted

  • Mike spoke to Louise Brett from Deloitte who give advice to businesses on cashless payment systems


    What you told Breakfast
    Mike Sergeant tests cashless technology
    Yesterday it was identity fraud, today it's cashless living. What happens when the technology fails, how will buy you a coffee? With cash you know where you are.
    Oliver Dawson, Glasgow

    In a separate scheme, passengers on the London Underground will already be familiar with the Oyster card which allows a card to be topped up to pay for journeys on the capital's tube network.

    It can also be used on buses, passengers simply swipe the card over an electronic device.

    Transport for London says it is hoping to extend the Oyster card scheme, and that would allow users to pay for car parking and other items in shops such as a pint of milk and a newspaper.

    The Oyster card is the largest smartcard payment system in the UK, excluding credit and debit cards.

    Tell us what you think, will a smartcard ever completely replace cash?

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