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Breakfast at the Oscars
Julia Botfield at the Vanity Fair party
We reported live from the Vanity Fair party
Breakfast reported live from Hollywood this morning, as Clint Eastwood's boxing film Million Dollar Baby, cleaned up at the Seventy Seventh annual Academy Awards.

Eastwood's movie scooped the awards for Best Picture, Best Actress and Best Director.

Martin Scorsese's film The Aviator - based on the early life of Howard Hughes - picked up five Oscars, including Best Actress Award for Cate Blanchett.

And, Jamie Foxx won best actor for his portrayal of the American singer, Ray Charles.

  • This morning, Breakfast's Julia Botfield reported live from the stars' favourite post-Oscar party in Hollywood

    Live from the Vanity Fair bash, she brought us a flavour of the stars' big night.

    And, she revealed her own secret: the party frock that never was (it turned out to be a posh top, with trousers and boots instead).

  • Imelda Staunton

    "I knew I wasn't going to win," the star of Vera Drake told us. "It's been a fantastic night, but I'm looking forward to never having to wear make-up again."

  • Sophie Okonedo

    The British star of Hotel Rwanda's first word on the Oscars ceremony was: "blimey".

    "It's amazing we got this far," she told Jules, "considering it's a small-budget film about genocide."

  • Graham King

    One of the British producers of Martin Scorsese's The Aviator admitted to being disappointed that the film had missed the top award.
    Director Martin Scorsese arrives at the Oscars
    Scorsese should have won, one of his backers told Breakfast

    "It was a very bittersweet night," he told Jules. "I was praying they'd come through.

    "I think it's absolutely disgusting that they won't give this man an Oscar."

    Friday's Breakfast

    Jules looked at the some of the films based on real-life events and biopics including the Aviator, based on the life of Howard Hughes, and Ray starring Jamie Foxx which tells the story of jazz pianist Ray Charles.

  • Tom Brook reported on Vera Drake and the controversial issue of illegal abortion which has outraged pro-life campaigners in the United States

  • Jules also spoke to Lord Lloyd-Webber who has been nominated for an Oscar for the second time.

    He's hoping to win the award for his song 'Learn to be Lonely' from the film Phantom of the Opera.

    Thursday's Breakfast

  • Graham King: The Aviator

    Graham King, the producer of the much-nominated Aviator spoke this morning to Julia Botfield in Hollywood.

    The film has been nominated for 11 awards and is the favourite to win best picture.

    Graham said that Sunday night will be just a little intimidating and admits to feeling petrified, "It all builds up to this one night..it's absolutely terrifying"

    Of course, Graham will be rooting for Aviator - he thought that the film had a good chance in all categories but mentioned the set design and editing of the film as being particularly strong.

    He has collaborated with Martin Scorsese on other films, including Gangs of New York and says that the director is one of his heroes.

  • Black Nominees

    We featured the story of black nominees - this year five of the big 20 nominations have gone to black actors - by far the biggest number in the history of the awards.

    In the whole history of the awards, fewer than 30 nominations out of hundreds have gone to black actors and only two major Oscars have been awarded to black stars - Denzil Washington and Sidney Poitier

    David Willis reported on what could be a breakthrough year for black actors - and on the barriers they still face.

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