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Jemima's child labour campaign
Jemima Khan on BBC Breakfast
Khan: Unicef ambassador
Most of us believe childhood is a time for innocence, play and the space to grow up.

But, across the globe, one in 12 children is forced into the worst forms of child labour, including forced labour, slavery and sexual exploitation.

That's the conclusion of a new report from the United Nations Children's Fund, Unicef.

And it's being backed by one of Unicef's ambassadors, Jemima Khan.

  • Breakfast talked live to Jemima Khan and Unicef's Executive Director in the UK, David Bull about the campaign. A recording of our interview will be available shortly

    She's calling on the Prime Minister to do more to tackle the poverty and lack of education which forces so many children into child labour.

    Nearly all the exploitation uncovered by Unicef has been in developing countries.

    But the organisation also uncovered around 250 cases of child-trafficking, involving bringing children into the UK, from 1998 to 2003.

    Unicef believes the most effective way to end the exploitation of children is to increase aid, to improve standards of living and education.

    Around the world, one in five children never even get to primary school, denying them the basics of reading and writing.

    More than 350 million children from five to 17 are engaged in some form of work, such as agricultural or domestic labour.

    Around 180 million are classed as being in the "worst forms" of child labour, including the sex industry.

    Unicef wants Mr Blair to use Britain's presidency of the EU and G8 to make international aid a higher priority.

    Jemima Khan live on BBC Breakfast
    "We must create a protective environment for children"

    BBC Breakfast


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