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Today's Information: August

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August 2007

On Thursday's programme...

  • IPCC report into the Stockwell shooting

  • The Independent Police Complaints Commission publishes its report into the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes at 12 midday on Thursday.

  • Broadband speed

  • Declan will be looking at broadband speeds. Many providers say you can get fast access "up to" 8MPS. But on average you're only getting 2.7MPS with some providing as low as 1MPS. The Advertising Standards Authority says it's ok to use the phrase "up to" but with speeds hitting nowhere near the promisied rate, what can you do to get your value for money? We'll be asking the experts.

  • Know before you go

  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office `Know Before You Go' campaign is launching the British Behaviour Abroad report, which highlights the many problems that British nationals experience abroad.

  • Adrian Chiles

  • Football fan, and presenter of the BBC's One Show Adrian Chiles will be talking about his new book about the beautiful game: We Don't Know What We're Doing. Publisher: Sphere (27 Jul 2007) ISBN-10: 1847440134 ISBN-13: 978-1847440136.

    Wednesday 1 Aug

  • Scouting centenary

  • UK scouts will join 28 million around the world to celebrate their centenary celebration - Robert Baden-Powell opened the first Scout camp at Brownsea Island on 1st Aug 1907.

  • Home information packs

  • Home Information Packs, also known as Hips are being introduced into England and Wales from 1 August.

  • Animal cruelty

  • Annual figures from the RSPCA show that cruelty by neglect is still one of the major crimes against pets.

  • Milton Margai School for the Blind

  • Blind teenager Kyle Jones returned to the Breakfast sofa with Ibrahim Conteh from Sierra Leone. Ibrahim is now on a UK tour with the school's choir.

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