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The naked streets
street with cars and pedestrians
A free for all may be safer for pedestrians, say experts

Radical plans are unveiled today to give cars, cyclists and pedestrians equal rights on a busy London street - by removing many of the safety features put there to protect them.

Exhibition Road in London is known by millions as it's the address of the Science Museum, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert museum.

It's also a busy through-route for cars, buses and lorries.

What you told Breakfast
I'm a new driver and I think shared space driving is ridiculous. I need the road signs and traffic markings to help me understand how to drive.
James Cox, Hertfordshire

Planners are now planning to strip out the safety barriers, kerb stones and traffic lights which keep pedestrians and drivers separate.

Shared space, they say, will actually make the area safer - because drivers will have to make eye contact with pedestrians before proceeding.

But can that really be true? The BBC's David Sillito has been to Friesland in Holland, where they've already adopted the strategy, to find out whether it works.

Road safety
David Sillito reports from Friesland in Holland, where streets have been stripped of kerbs and signs

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