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Marc Almond
Marc Almond on Breakfast
Marc's first TV interview since his accident
Marc Almond has spent the past three months recovering from a motorcycle accident which has left him with a catalogue of terrible injuries.

Coming off the back of a friend's bike in a London street has changed his life.

The former Soft Cell singer fractured his ribs, broke his shoulder perforated an ear drum and also suffered a collapsed lung - not to mention the damage to his head caused by the impact with the road.

  • Marc Almond gave Breakfast his first TV interview since the accident.

    He told us how he'd gradually re-gained consciousness after his accident - thanks to visits from his friends and his mother.

    "I have a parrot at home which I sometimes sing to.

    "A friend made a CD of the parrot singing and brought it in to the hospital and played it to me.

    "That seems to have woken me from a sort of dream world.

    "I remember all these voices from about eight days in - saying you've been unconscious and it's time to wake up."

    Marc told us he'd also narrowly avoided having a tracheotomy, which would have have damaged his vocal chords beyond repair.

    'Tainted Love'

    Almond was one half 80s duo Soft Cell who hit the big time with their hit 'Tainted Love'.

    Almond also paired up with Gene Pitney (Something's Gotten Hold of my Heart) towards the end of the 198os, and today counts the likes of Madonna among his show business friends.

    His success meant he could have what he wanted when he wanted but following last year's accident he's now had to re-consider what's important to him in life.

    He spent 10 days unconscious in hospital - and medical staff were concerned he might not survive.

    The singer has released a new DVD 'Sin Songs, Torch and Romance' featuring performances from his six night residency at the Almeida in London in July 2004.

    Almond remains grateful that his face wasn't disfigured in the accident joking that he'd treated himself to a nose job for his birthday.


    Almond's remarkable recovery has probably been helped by his philosophical approach: 'It has made me more humble: your airs and graces go out of the window.'

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