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Last Updated: Friday, 21 January, 2005, 06:22 GMT
Wanted: Marathon partner for Sue Thearle
Breakfast's Sue Thearle
You could join Sue and get some free training advice
Breakfast's sports presenter Sue Thearle has decided to run this year's London Marathon and we're looking for another runner to feature on the programme and do some training with Sue.

But you have to be quick - in applying that is, you only have until the end of this week to contact us.

Please see below for the full details, and make sure you only contact us if you have already got a place in the marathon.

If you're chosen by Sue, we'll film you doing some training sessions together, you'll get advice from some of the finest athletes in the sport, and you'll also appear live on Breakfast from our London studio.

What we are looking for:

  • You must be a first time marathon runner

  • You must already have a place guaranteed in this year's London Marathon

  • You should be keen to finish the race - aiming for around five hours, and you should be able to demonstrate your commitment and medical fitness

  • You will need to be flexible, and must be available on four dates - to be confirmed - before the marathon, and one after to be filmed, and appear on Breakfast

  • You don't necessarily have to be a club runner - you could be a working mum like Sue or simply a keen jogger, but you will need to be over 18. We will follow your progress as you and Sue get training tips from professionals including long distance legend David Bedford

  • Towards the end of the training, you'll get more advice on nutrition and how to prepare for the big day. Part of the training with Sue will include running a half-marathon together.

  • Although you will need to be committed to this, you won't be training with Sue all the time, you will meet up once a month to train and compare progress

    I'm interested what next?

    You can only take part by e-mailing us here at Breakfast:

    Your E-mail address
    Where you live

    The BBC may edit your comments and not all emails will be published. Your comments may be published on any BBC media worldwide.

    Or you can get more information by calling our audience line:

    08707 87 87 87

    Or send us your details to:

    'Sue's Running Mate'
    Sue Thearle
    Room 1605
    Breakfast Television
    News Centre
    Wood Lane
    W12 7RJ

    Please make sure you include your phone number

    You must contact us by Friday 28 January

    Sue Thearle's Running Mate
    Find out more about running the marathon with Sue

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