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Last Updated: Thursday, 18 August 2005, 06:00 GMT 07:00 UK
Men of Alston looking for love, online
Vince Peart
Lonely heart Vince Peart, 21
If you're a woman in the Cumbrian town of Alston there are no shortage of men to take your pick from.

In fact, it's thought there are as many as 10 men for every woman in the town, and the men there have taken matters into their own hands.

They have set up their own website in an attempt to find girlfriends because they say many of the women of Alston have deserted the town.

  • This morning on Breakfast, we heard from lonely builder Vince Peart who has set up the website to find a partner for himself and his friends

    Vince says that many of the area's women have left the town for big cities - but he describes Alston as the 'Ibiza of the north'.

  • You can find out more from the website Village in Crisis, 21 year old Vince says the men have a lot to offer:

    The builder says: "The problem was making people realise that we weren't all inbred and illiterate and that we had a lot to offer to women."

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