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July's Information
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    Saturday July 30

  • The Niger Crisis appeal
    British charities have launched an emergency appeal to help the millions of people starving in Niger. The disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is urging the public to donate money. The Niger Crisis appeal opens for telephone and on-line donations today. Donations can be made by calling 0870 6060900. They can also be made online:

    Friday July 29

  • Anthony Horowitz
    The latest book by the children's author is called Raven's Gate. It's published on August 1 by Walker Books. ISBN 1844286193.

    Thursday July 28

  • Author
    Kathy Reichs' novel Cross Bones is published by Random House ISB 0434010405.

  • Ruthie Henshall
    We talked to the actress about her new West End role - in The Woman in White, at the Palace Theatre in London.

    Wednesday 26 July

  • NHS star ratings
    You can find out exactly how your local hospital and primary health care trust performed last year, using BBC News Online's special postcode listings

  • comedy show
    You can watch The Catherine Tate show tomorrow on BBC Two at 9.30pm

    Monday 25 July

  • Butterflies
    Mike Sergeant reported live from the Buckfastleigh Butterfly Farm in Devon. The website our interviewee mentioned is called Butterflyconservation.org

  • Diamonds
    Our business presenter Declan Curry was at an exhibition of diamonds at the Natural History Museum in South Kensington in London. You can find out more from the museum's website

  • Teenage pregnancy
    Should teenage girls have the right to request an abortion without their parents' knowledge? We debated the issues arising from an edition of The Real Story tonight on BBC One at 7.30pm.

  • Dracula novel
    We talked to Elizabeth Kostova, who has re-worked Bram Stoker's Dracula novel. Her book is called The Historian. It's published by Little, Brown. ISBN: 0316730319

    Friday 22 July

  • London Terror Attacks
    You can get information and advice from a range of agencies, and details of how to contact the police if you have any information about Thursday's planned terrorist attacks.

  • Coast
    Starting Friday 22 July, a major series explores Britain's coastline and uncovers a wealth of human stories. BBC Two 2100 BST.

    Thursday 21 July

  • Breast Cancer
    We featured cancer sufferer Barbara Clark on our programme. She is thinking of selling her house to raise money for a treatment of Herceptin - a drug which is currently used to treat late-stage highly aggressive forms of Breast Cancer. As such, it is licensed by NICE, and available on the NHS. But - research also suggests that if it is used while the disease is in early stages, in some cases (though not all) it can increase the chance of survival from 14% to 52%. You can contact Barbara Clark via her website.

  • Should I Worry About...
    New series of "Should I worry About ... " started last week. Second part tonight at 7pm on BBC ONE and this programme is about Additives. On sofa: Martin Blunden - who, together with his wife and 4 kids, took part in the programme + nutritionist

  • Neil McCormick
    Daily Telegraph music columnist, Neil McCormick and his friend Jon Moss, the former Culture Club drummer. Neil's written a charity song in aid of the London bombing victims and their families - "People I Don't Know Are Trying to Kill Me". "People I Don't Know Are Trying to Kill Me" by The Ghost Who Walks (ie.Neil) will be available to download by Monday 25 July.

  • Johnny Ball
    Think of a number! He's trying to encourage children to get interested in maths. His new book, "Think of a Number: A fascinating look at the world of numbers" is published by Dorling and Kindersley. ISBN: 1405310316

    Tuesday 19 July

  • Michael Grade
    The Director General of the BBC, Michael Grade, and the BBC governors are keen to hear your thoughts on BBC programmes.

  • Cancer Costs
    Cancer sufferers can find that the costs of travelling for regular treatment can mount up to hundreds of pounds. The Macmillan Cancer Relief Fund can help you claim back some of those costs.

  • School Uniform
    School uniform can be very expensive especially if you have more than one child but there is an organisation which can help with free uniform.

    Monday 18 July

  • Crohn's Disease
    The voice coach best known for her teaching skills in Fame Academy Carrie Grant talked to us about living with Crohn's Disease, an illness which affects one in four hundred people - and can be fatal.

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
    Roald Dahl's classic children story remade by director Tim Burton goes on release in the UK on July 29.

  • Fantastic Four
    Another stylish remake of the Marvel comic favourite starring Ioan Grufford. Opens in the UK on 22 July.

    Friday 15 July

  • Naked Art
    If you want to take part in artist Spencer Tunick's naked art installation project in Newcastle Gateshead on Sunday 17 July, you have to register at the following website:

  • Kate Mosse
    The author was live on Breakfast talking about her new book Labyrinth it's the first of a new genre - women's adventure. Published by Orion Books, ISBN: 0752860534

  • Des Lynam
    The sports presenter takes part in a BBC live and interactive special called 'Are You Younger Than You Think?' Des and Professor Ian Philp from the DoH tell us how to increase our chances of a long and happy life. Shown 2110 BST, Saturday 16 July, BBC One.

  • The Secret of the Sexes
    What sex is your brain? What are the differences between male and female brains and how they can and can't be changed. We spoke to Michael Mosley, the executive producer. The programme is at 2100 BST on Sunday, 17 July, on BBC One

    Tuesday 12 July

  • Updated nursery rhymes
    We talked to the author Jasper Fforde about his latest book - The Big Over Easy - which investigates the mysterious death of Mr Humpty Dumpty.

  • Brownie and Guide leaders
    To find out more about becoming a Brownie leader (Brown Owl) go to the Girl Guiding movement's website

    Monday 11 July

  • School appeals
    We are running a series of films on school admissions (primary and secondary). You will find full interviews and useful links on our full story

  • Edward Fox
    The distinguished actor is appearing in George Bernard Shaw's You Never Can Tell as part of the Sir Peter Hall season in Bath.

    Friday 8 July

  • Today we ran a special four hour programme devoted to the London bombs. We've put together a special page on the Breakfast website full of helpline numbers, advice pages and security information.

    Wednesday 6 July

  • School twinning
    The on-line school twinning project we featured is run by the BBC. It's called World Class and you can find more details on our full Africa week page

  • Sandi Toksvig
    We're talking to the comedienne about her new book, based on her father's experiences as a teenager during the war, in Nazi-occupied Copenhagen. "Hitler's Canary" is published by Doubleday. ISBN: 0385608896

    Tuesday 5 July

  • Debutantes at war
    We discussed a new book which looks at how upper class debutantes fared during the Second World War. Anne De Courcy's book is called: 'Debs at War: How Wartime Changed Their Lives, 1939-1945'

  • TV Drama: To the Ends of the Earth
    We talked to the actor Benedict Cumberbatch about his lead role in BBC Two's new drama series. It's an adaptation of William Golding's books, Rites of Passage, Close Quarters and Fire Down Below. You can watch the first part on Wednesday night at 9pm on BBC Two (or on Thursday night if you live in Scotland)

    Monday 4 July

  • Natasha in Africa
    For links and other information about our special African coverage, please see our separate story

  • World War Two Exhibition
    Mike Sergeant will be reporting from St James' Park in London, where a "living museum" will be open this week, to commemorate the sixtieth anniversary of the last days of the Second World War. For the next three nights, archive film and stills from the war will be projected onto the face of Buckingham Palace. The exhibition is open until Sunday afternoon.

  • Children's documentary
    You can see Chelsea's documentary in My Life as a Child on BBC Two tomorrow night at 9.50pm

    Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 July

  • African detective novels
    We talked to the Scottish author Alexander McCall Smith, who's written a number of detective novels set in Botswana: The Number One Ladies' Detective Agency.

    Friday 1 July

  • School uniform
    You can find out more about help with the cost of school uniform from the Citizen's Advice Bureau. The particular scheme we featured is available only in Wales - although other Local Authorities also offer help with uniform costs.

  • Marlon Brando
    We talked to George Englund about his book Marlon Brando: The Naked Actor. It is published by Gibson Square: ISBN 190393390

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