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Last Updated: Thursday, 30 December, 2004, 06:13 GMT
How you can help tsunami victims
Emergency supplies heading for south east Asia
East Midlands Airport: emergency supplies destined for Asia
Veteran broadcasters David Dimbleby and Trevor McDonald joined forces to front an appeal last night for the victims of south east Asian tsunami.

The Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) is coordinating the massive appeal on behalf of several UK charities.

Aid agencies say there has been an incredible response from the public who have donated more than 5m.

Dimbleby and McDonald broadcast appeals on BBC One and ITV yesterday evening, and it's now possible to make donations online, by post or telephone.

  • On today's Breakfast, Barnie Choudhury spoke to the International Buddhist Relief Organisation in Birmingham

    If you want to make a donation to the IBRO, you can contact them on 0121 382 7108

  • We also heard from Nick Young from the Red Cross, who sits on the Disasters Emergency Committee

  • Breakfast's Alex Bushill was live at Heathrow Airport where flights were returning from south east Asia.

    The British Red Cross has set up an emergency reception centre to provide help for people returning from the area who are injured, need clothing. The organisation is also providing psychological support.

    Listed below are some phone numbers you may find helpful.

  • To make a donation to the disaster appeal fund call:
    0870 606 0900

  • Please note: if you want information about missing relatives, you should call:
    020 7008 0000

  • You should only use the above number in an emergency, for travel advice relating to the affected area call:
    0870 606 0290

  • For other general enquiries please telephone:
    020 7008 1500

  • For a comprehensive list of all the aid agencies involved in the relief effort to the region, and for a link to the Disasters Emergency Committee, see the links at the right of this page.


    Getting fresh water to the region will be one of the priorities for the aid agencies, who will also be helping provide food and shelter, but the area is likely to need long term help.

    The sheer number of countries affected, which include Sri Lanka, India, Indonesia and Thailand will make the aid effort much harder.

    The first plane from the UK carrying relief supplies and equipment, which was organised by Oxfam, left East Midlands Airport on Wednesday, bound for Sri Lanka and Indonesia.

    Other ways to donate

    It is hoped that by the end of this week, people in the UK will be able to make donations at banks and post offices.

    The Royal Mail has set up a special PO Box number which will make sure that donations to the Disasters Emergency Committee arrive speedily:

    DEC Tsunami Earthquake Appeal
    PO Box 999
    EC3A 3AA

    Make cheques payable to: DEC tsunami earthquake appeal

    Meanwhile, Oxfam will be collecting donations in its shops, and is appealing for unwanted Christmas presents to be given to the shops which can in turn be sold to raise more money for the aid effort.

    The appeal will be repeated on all BBC local radio stations at around 0900 today, this time is provisional.

    And if you want to post appeals for information about a missing relative or friend, BBC News Online has set up a special page:

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