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Victoria Wood's Acorn Antiques
Julie Walters and Victoria Wood
Julie Walters and Victoria Wood outside the Haymarket theatre
Fans of Victoria Wood will no doubt remember the 'Acorn Antiques' sketches from her television shows.

And exactly twenty years after they first appeared on the BBC, Acorn Antiques is to be adapted for the theatre.

The show will open at the Haymarket theatre in February 2005, and yesterday Victoria Wood who will share the main role of Mrs Overall with Julie Walters announced more details of the musical.

Posing for photographers at the Haymarket, Wood said: "I wanted to write a musical and it was like a brainwave when I thought 'why not make it about Acorn Antiques?'"

  • Victoria Wood was live on Breakfast talking about the new production.


    The new production, directed by Trevor Nunn, will reunite Walters, Celia Imrie (Miss Babs) and Duncan Preston (Mr Clifford), the original cast of the spoof soap opera.

    Acorn Antiques from the BBC Show
    Acorn Antiques
    I nearly kicked myself to death learning it
    Julie Walters

    At the launch yesterday Wood added: "I didn't write it with the purpose of having the original cast members in it, so it's a huge bonus that they are in it."

    As the role of Mrs Overall will be shared, Wood recommended audiences see Walters in the role.

    "It's her performance, which I shall be copying."

    Tap dancing

    Asked what the biggest challenge was in playing Mrs Overall , Walters said it was the tap dancing.

    She joked: "I nearly kicked myself to death learning it."

    Wood said the best thing about staging the production would be getting together again with the original cast members.

  • Tickets for the musical will go on sale from: 0900 Friday 3 December, the show opens at the Theatre Royal, Haymarket, London, on 9 February 2005

    Victoria Wood

    BBC Breakfast


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