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Last Updated: Wednesday, 1 December, 2004, 08:10 GMT
Mixed messages from the boss
Is your boss a good communicator?
The Office: communication breakdown?
Being the boss does not necessarily mean you're a good communicator with many sending their workers unedited babble.

That's the view of the academic journal The Business Strategy Review.

It says the writing skills of the UK captains of industry are characterised by sloppiness and it believes that e-mail and other communication tools are to blame.

  • Breakfast's business reporter Max Foster has been investigating and you can see his report from the link below

  • We also spoke to the Mirror's Sue Carroll who was in the Breakfast studio


    The growth of electronic forms of communication such as faxes, e-mail and text messages means that it's a lot quicker to send, and more immediate than the traditional memo placed on the canteen notice board.

    But while speed may have increased, an 'inattention to detail' has followed in its wake says the Business Strategy Review.

    Bosses are drifting into a form of shorthand popularised by teenage texters, and a fair dose of management speak which is now characterised in executive writing.


    Some companies are taking steps to tackle the problem.

    Corporate giant Unilever's solution are providing their staff with writing lessons and encouraged to think before sending e-mails.

    Bosses might be writing more but appear to becoming less effective than ever in communicating their message.

    Tell us what you think - have you got any examples of management gobbledygook?

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