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Last Updated: Wednesday, 24 November, 2004, 07:12 GMT
Jamie Theakston's mission
Jamie Theakston
Jamie is just back from Liberia
Liberia has been devastated by more than a decade of civil war.

Around a quarter of a million people died in the fighting and hundreds of thousands of civilians have been forced from their homes.

The actor and TV presenter Jamie Theakston has just returned from a trip to Liberia organised by Oxfam.

He met some of Liberia's child soldiers - and saw for himself how arms from the developed world are fuelling the conflict there.

Jamie Theakston dropped into the Breakfast studio, to tell us more about Liberia and what can be done to help such areas escape their troubled past.

He told us about the fragile peace which now exists, and how 100,000 soldiers have been disarmed. He also spoke about child soldiers, which he said was a sad fact of war in this part of the world.

He acknowledged the huge task facing the Controlled Arms Campaign. He also felt we can help the situation by signing up to the Control Arms website.

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