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Award for Moira
Moira Stuart receives her award from Lord Goldsmith
Moira: a great role model
Breakfast's newsreader Moira Stuart has been presented with a special award at the House of Commons, in recognition of her achievements in more than two decades with the BBC.

The Global Diversity Award, which recognises people who are role models to the black and Asian community, was presented to Moira by the Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith.

It was awarded to her by the New Step Foundation, which says:

"Moira Stuart was the first black woman newsreader in the UK. She was truly ground-breaking in 1981 when her career with the BBC started.

It's been 26 years since I presented my first news bulletin and I am still hooked.
Moira Stuart

"Having Moira Stuart on arguably the most influential news programmes in the UK serves as an excellent example to others that those from ethnic minority communities can reach the highest echelons of British life."

Moira received her award at a special dinner in her honour at the House of Commons on Saturday, hosted by Baroness Howells, Lord King and the former minister Keith Vaz.

She told the Breakfast website:

"I am deeply honoured by their grace and generosity.

"It's been 26 years since I presented my first news bulletin and I am still hooked."

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Moira Stuart
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