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Last Updated: Thursday, 14 October, 2004, 04:42 GMT 05:42 UK
Clearing the street clutter
Street clutter caused by signs
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Unnecessary road signs, bollards and bins are cluttering up our streets, according to the conservation group English Heritage.

It's concerned that ugly and unnecessary "street furniture" is ruining some of the most historic towns in the country - and obscuring the view of some famous tourist sites.

  • This morning, Breakfast debated whether it's time to clear the clutter from our streets

  • Julia Botfield reported live from Central London, with Dr Simon Thurley, from English Heritage

  • She also talked to the author Bill Bryson, who's added his voice to the campaign.

    Edwardian architecture

    London's Great Portland Street is part of a conservation area, because of its beautiful Edwardian architecture.

    But Julia counted hundreds of items of street furniture - including a listed drinking fountain surrounded by recycling bins.

    What you told Breakfast
    Britain is the most over-signed country on earth. We will soon have street signs saying "caution new street sign ahead".
    Paul Smith, Lincolnshire

    Women's Institute

    English Heritage has enlisted the help of the Women's Institute to count the number of items of street furniture, and Bill Bryson will be lending a hand today in Great Portland Street.

    How you can get involved

    But you can also get involved by taking part in the English Heritage audit in your own area. You can also find out how to lobby your local council.

    Copies of English Heritage's 'Save Our Streets' campaign booklet and CD-Rom are available free by calling:

    0870 3331181

    Tell us what you think - are our streets becoming too cluttered?

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    Clearing the clutter
    Breakfast's Julia Botfield talks to Dr Simon Thurley of English Heritage

    Clearing the clutter
    Julia Botfield talked to travel writer Bill Bryson

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