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Last Updated: Thursday, 16 September, 2004, 08:30 GMT 09:30 UK
Jarre's new dimension
Jean Michel Jarre
Jarre in Giza: a spectacular live show for the millennium
Experimental electronic music owes a lot to its main protagonist Jean Michel Jarre.

With his instantly recognisable yet unique sound, the French keyboard player has spent two decades mastering his craft.

And now he's back with new album Aero.

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    Alongside the release of 'Aero' (which is released on 20 September) is a new single: 'Aerology'.

    No surprise then that Jarre has kept true-to-form and used some new technology on the album and single.

    Aero is described as the first album in the world to be recorded 'note for note' in 5.1 channel Aero, which will be of particular interest to owners of home cinema systems.

    Speaking on Breakfast, Jean Michel Jarre described the technological rational behind the new album

    I always dreamed since Oxygen, to share with the audience the fact of being immersed with music, having a more organic, physical and emotional relationship with sound.

    The album will give fans the opportunity to 're-visit' some of Jarre's classic works, but it also contains three new tracks and some interlude scenes.

    The Aero experience sounds like nothing before according to publicity for the album, which it says places the listener inside the music, or comparable to being in a musical landscape.


    Jean Michel Jarre struggled to find a technician who could work with him on the album, so he decided to put it together by himself.

    The way we listen to music has evolved in stages over the years.

    First there was mono in 1877, then the big improvement came with stereo sound in 1958.

    Quadraphonic sound followed but never really caught on, Aero the album will be offered on DVD 5.1 surround sound and CD super stereo formats together.


    Not satisfied with selling 60 million albums, Jarre has also pioneered some visually spectacular shows combining music and light.

    For the millennium he staged a night-time open air show projecting beams of light on to the pyramids Giza in Egypt.

    He staged a similar concert in London's Docklands in 1988, although, unsurprisingly the event was remembered more for its typically English weather.

    Fans who want to experience 5.1 sound live will have to travel to Beijing for his concert on 10 October.

    Jarre comments, 'we're constructing a wall of screens around the audience celebrating the evolution of music to 5.1 surround sound.'

  • Aero (the album) is released on 20 September

  • The single Aerology came out this week

    Jean Michel Jarre, in his own words

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