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The Frank Family that Survived
Dorrit Sander and her family
Dorrit and her family (she's third on the right)
The fate of Anne Frank is well documented in history, but it's a little known fact that there was another Dutch-Jewish family who also went into hiding during World War 2.

However, despite nearly getting caught, Dorrit Frank and her family managed to hide from the Nazis.

The family's efforts were rewarded when Holland was later liberated, although it was only then they realised how many of their friends they had lost in the Dutch Holocaust.

  • Dorrit is now 83 - she uses her married name Sander, and for the first time her story is told in a book

  • Dorrit's son, Gordon Sander has written the family's account of their incarceration: 'The Frank Family that Survived'. Both he and Dorrit were live on Breakfast

    Gordon's book chronicles the family's 'submersion' in which his grandfather Myrtil Frank led his wife (Flory), and 22 year old daughter Dorrit and 17 year old Sybil into a small street level flat in the Hague.

    The family were to eventually emerge 1022 days later on 6 May 1945 after several close shaves including near misses with bombs, and searches that seemed to pass them by.

    In the book, Gordon talks about the difficulty he had summoning the will power to write the book, but he was helped along the way when a BBC Radio 4 producer approached him.

    The family all had different explanations as to why they survived unscathed and Gordon explores this in the book, but Gordon didn't rush in to writing the book saying he waited 20 years until he could really put it into perspective.

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