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Custody death family fight on
Christopher Alder
The former paratrooper died in 1998

The family of a former paratrooper - who died in police custody - are demanding a public inquiry into his death.

Christopher Alder's death was caught on CCTV, as he lay handcuffed and face down in a police station.

Those pictures will be shown in full, for the first time, as part of a BBC documentary tonight.

"Death On Camera" is on at 2100 BST on BBC One.

We spoke to Christopher Alder's sister, Janet, and Simon Ford, the executive producer of tonight's programme.

Janet Alder and Simon Ford

Janet Alder said:

We've been through criminal trial and inquest and still authorities haven't brought justice. We feel ordinary people need to know what's gone on. This could have happened to anyone.

Never thought my family would ever be part of this. How can anyone have any confidence? I'd like a public inquiry. None of our questions have been answered. No apologies have been made.

Simon Ford said:

The CCTV footage wasn't released. We've now got a copy. We are showing it because it is in the public interest. It is difficult to watch.

Christopher was a victim of assault. He was dealt with in hospital. It took him 11 minutes to die. It was incredible no one came through for him.

Christopher Alder, 37, died at Queens Gardens Police Station, Hull, in April 1998.

An inquest concluded Mr Alder, who had been arrested for breach of the peace, was unlawfully killed.

In the criminal trial that followed, all five officers were cleared of manslaughter and misconduct in a public office.

Sergeant John Dunn, 40, and Pcs Neil Blakey, 42, Mark Ellerington, 37, Nigel Dawson, 41, and Matthew Barr, 38, have also been cleared of neglect of duty following an independent hearing.

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