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Diana Krall
Diana Krall
"The Girl in the Other Room" is Krall's eighth album.
As music genres go, jazz has seen something of a revival recently, and one of the artists credited with leading the way is Canadian writer, pianist and singer Diana Krall.

Such is Krall's success, her new album has seen record pre-release orders with the music website Amazon.

And the rising popularity for her music has also helped pave the way for new British talent Amy Winehouse, Jamie Cullum and Joss Stone.

  • Diana Krall was live on Tuesday's Breakfast

    "The Girl in the Other Room" is Diana Krall's eighth album, and was co written with her new husband Elvis Costello, it's available in the UK from the 12 April.

    That will be followed by the release of a new single "Narrow Daylight" on the 26 April.

    The new album showcases Krall's talents not only as a performer, but also a writer and is also the first she has co-produced with Tommy LiPuma who has previously worked with stars of the jazz world including George Benson.

    Recording took place throughout 2003 at the Capitol Studios, Hollywood and at New York's Avatar Recording.

    Diana Krall's Album Discography
    The Girl in the Other Room
    A Night in Paris
    The Look of Love
    When I Look in Your Eyes
    Love Scenes
    All for You, A Dedication to the Nat King Cole Trio
    Only Trust Your Heart
    Stepping Out

    But already the press are saying that the latest album sees Krall moving away from mainstream jazz standards towards 'darker' more 'introspective' songs which have been heavily influenced by Costello's involvement.

    Krall remains the force behind the composition of the music with her husband's involvement only extending to the lyrics.

    Krall says: "I wrote the music and then Elvis and I talked about what we wanted to say. I told him stories and wrote pages and pages of reminiscences, descriptions and images, and he put them into tighter lyrical form."

    Taking her influence from the simple things in life, she adds: "For 'Departure Bay', I wrote down a list of things that I love about home, things I realized were different, even exotic, now that I've been away."

    Early years

    Born in British Columbia, on the western side of Canada, Diana Krall began playing piano when she was four years old.

    It didn't take long for her to be earning her keep as a jazz musician. At the age of 15 she was playing in a local bar.

    She was still in her teens when she won a scholarship at the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston, after which she settled in Los Angeles.

    But after a while she moved to Toronto and in 1993 she was signed by the label Justin Time Records who released her first album 'Stepping Out'.

    1994 saw her move to the GRP label; she recorded 'Only Trust Your Heart' working with bassist Ray Brown and the tenor saxophonist Stanley Turrentine, a firmly established name in the jazz world.

    It was this period of her career when she forged her relationship with producer Tommy LiPuma who she has worked with since.

    Commercial success soon followed with the album "When I Look in Your Eyes" which held the number one position on Billboard's jazz chart for a staggering 52 weeks.

    Record sales saw the album go platinum in Canada, and Portugal, while in France it went gold.

    The music world had suddenly woken up to the renaissance of jazz which was moving away from the margins and into the mainstream helped along the way by Diana Krall.

  • The Girl in the Other Room, Diana Krall's latest album is released on 12 April, on Verve Records

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