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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 August, 2004, 09:45 GMT 10:45 UK
Transatlantic rowers
The Pink Lady and her crew
The Pink Lady and her crew

After 39 days at sea, they were on their way into the record books.

The four man crew of the "Pink Lady" had rowed for over 1700 miles on their journey across the Atlantic.

Then disaster struck.

It came in the shape of a Hurricane Alex and a 60 foot wave that split their boat in two.

But - despite the odds - they made it back.

Two of the rowers, Jonathan Gornall and Peter Bray, joined Breakfast in the studio on Thursday and tell them about their ordeal.

Jonathan thanks Pete for saving them all.

"We were all exhausted and in good spirits in the life raft - there had been some scary moments, but with guys like Pete around, it's hard to get frightened. He was my hero and he definitely saved the day."

Pete was modest about his heroism: "It's all about training, before we went we planned it, we practised it - we worked on the 'if' factor, what if this happens? what if that happens? We had plans both sides of the Atlantic, we'd notified people, we'd done everything by the book. We were just unlucky.

"Survival is about the mental attitude. When the incident happened I didn't think about it. It was a job to be done, automatic pilot switched in and I got on with it." He added.

Jonathan admitted that they were disappointed to have not broken the record, especially as they were only 300 miles away from home when the accident happened.

"It's funny, the moment you're in the life raft you think you've won first prize,- you're alive, so of course you have.

But that sort of ebbs away and real life comes in and you start to be disappointed, which is absolutely crazy. There's no way I'm going back again, I've had two goes at this now and if at first you don't succeed, try again, after that, get the message basically!"

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