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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 August, 2004, 05:06 GMT 06:06 UK
Five die in Austria coach crash
Rescue crews surround wreckage of bus
The coach fell 30 metres before landing on its roof

Police in Austria are investigating the cause of the bus crash in which five holidaymakers died and dozens of others were injured.

Most of the passengers on the bus were British but the names of casualties haven't been released.

They were on a trip organised by the tour company, Inghams which is arranging for concerned relatives to travel to Austria.

On Breakfast, this morning

  • We heard from Lyndsey Devon a spokeswoman from the coach company, Inghams.

    In their statement, Inghams said the cause of the accident has not been confirmed. They said some of the injured are being released today, and relatives have begun making their way to Austria.

    They also said they are a firm that has been in the business for many decades and their safety record is very good.

  • We spoke to Dr Nicholas Matt-ez from Salzburg Hospital

  • We heard from Jonathan Charles who is at Hallein, near Salzburg

    Jonathan Charles
    "Some of the injured will be allowed to leave hospital today."

    He said the road has been marked up, and it is understood that the likely cause of the crash is an incident involving a minibus trying to overtake the coach in a blind corner.

    He told us about twenty of the injured are in serious condition with head and rib injuries.

    He added that some of the injured may be released today.

    The Foreign Office has set up a 24-hour emergency number for members of the public to contact if they think they may have had friends or relatives involved in the crash.

    The number is 020 7008 0000.

    A hotline opened by Inghams can be reached on 020 8780 6600.

  • Here's a transcript of Nick Thatcher's report:

    The twisted wreckage of the coach was taken away overnight. Hours earlier it had been taking tourists on a day trip when it plunged down an embankment and crashed into a field.

    Man treated for injuries after coach crash
    About 30 passengers were injured
    Forty-two of the forty-six passengers on board were British; 5 are confirmed dead; the injured - including children - are being treated in several hospitals:

    It's been reported the coach had swerved after a minibus attempted to overtake it. A crash investigation is now underway.

    The UK tour operator Inghams - which had organised the trip - says arrangements are being made for relatives of those injured to travel to Austria - some are already on their way.

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