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Last Updated: Monday, 1 March, 2004, 06:08 GMT
Lord of the Oscars
Breakfast's reporter Jules Botfield at the Vanity Fair post Oscars party
Jules was live at the stars' favourite post Oscars party
The final part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy has swept the board at this year's Oscars, winning an award in every category in which it was nominated.

The film, directed by New Zealander Peter Jackson, won 11 Oscars at this year's Academy Awards ceremony on Sunday night.

That equals the record set by Ben Hur in 1960 and Titannic in 1998.

  • Breakfast was live in Hollywood

  • Jules Botfield reported live from Vanity Fair's post-Oscars party, where she talked to a host of stars including Katherine Zeta Jones, Kim Caterall, Ben Stiller, Samantha Morton and Scarlett Johannson.

    Oscars: key awards
    Best film: Lord of the Rings
    Best director: Peter Jackson
    Best actor: Sean Penn
    Best actress: Charlize Theron
    Best supporting actor: Tim Robbins
    Best supporting actress: Renee Zellweger

  • Tom Brook was at the One Ring party - to celebrate the triumph of The Lord of the Rings. He talked to the film's director Peter Jackson.

    You can watch recordings of our Oscars night coverage on the right hand side of this story - and catch up with the rest of our Oscars coverage below:

  • Friday Lord of the Directors: David Willis talked to Lord of the Rings Director Peter Jackson.

    "The biggest gamble of all was making three movies at the same time," he told us. "We shot all of the trilogy before the first was even released, which was unheard of.

    "Post-production last year ws the hardest of all. With all those special effects, it nearly killed us."

    We also talked to the film's producer Barrie Osbourne.

  • House of Sand and Fog

    Jules talked live to the Iranian star of this Oscar-nominated film, Shoreh Agdashloo.

  • Thursday:

    It should have been a dream assignment. But Breakfast's Jules Botfield may live to regret being sent to cover this year's Oscars ceremony.

    Los Angeles is in the grips of almost monsoon weather. And, the torrential rain is threatening to sabotage Hollywood's most important fixture of the year.

  • We talked to fashion expert Bronwen Cosgrave.

  • We heard from the man who invented the antidote to the Oscars - the Golden Raspberries.

  • And - the BBC's Arts Correspondent David Sillito reported on the controversy surrounding Mel Gibson's film, the Passion of Christ

    You can find out who's won, when Breakfast brings you full coverage of the Oscars ceremony, on Monday morning's programme

    The Oscars
    The BBC's David Sillito reports for Breakfast

    Oscars night
    Jules Botfield caught up with Michael Douglas and Katherine Zeta Jones

    Oscars night
    Jules Botfield talked to Samantha Morton, Elijah Wood and Scarlett Johannson

    Oscars night
    Jules Botfield talked to Kim Cattrall, one of the stars of Sex in the City

    Lord of the Rings
    We talked to Director Peter Jackson and stars Elijah Wood and Sir Ian McKellan


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