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Taking Care with EastEnders
Rudolph Walker and Angela Wynter
In a typical year, 80,000 children will spend some time in care
The BBC is currently in the middle of a major season called Taking Care which explores issues surrounding a different kind of childhood.

  • Breakfast caught up with Ewurama Ghanash who was fostered as a child. She said:

    It taught me about myself. My foster parent was the best thing to happen to me. I was lost and confused. I was fortunate that I only went to 3 foster homes before settling in the last one for 5 years. The most important thing I learnt was that the system and people were not against me.

    And as part of the season, EastEnders is introducing a storyline about fostering.

    Patrick Trueman and Yolande (played by Rudolph Walker and Angela Wynter) decide to foster a 14 year old after an encounter with the youth at the bed and breakfast.

  • Rudolph Walker and Angela Wynter were live on Breakfast talking about some of the issues surrounding fostering.

  • If you want more information or advice from the Taking Care website, click on the link below

  • You may also want to see Breakfast's coverage of the season so far:

    The story so far

    In Thursday's episode, Patrick and Yolande had a surprise visitor who broke into the bed and breakfast at night.

    The 14 year old youth said he was hungry, it turns out he's called JJ.

    JJ endears himself to Patrick and Yolande by preparing breakfast, but Paul is suspicious of their new lodger and makes his feelings known.

    Starting on Monday, viewers will see Patrick and Yolande shocked by the truth: Paul apparently becomes increasingly suspicious about JJ and tips off social services that he's been stealing from Yolande and Patrick.

    The social services officer reveals he's a runaway and defensive about his past with the result that JJ takes off again.

    Later in the week viewers discover that Patrick is furious with Paul for ruining things with JJ and, along with Yolande, they pay the boy a visit.

    Hearing about his difficult past, they make the decision to foster JJ which will form the climax of the week's episodes.

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