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Bill and Sian's Christmas questions
Breakfast's Bill Turnbull
Bill Turnbull presents Breakfast on Christmas Day
For a limited time only this Christmas - the answers to all your questions about how our presenters spend the festive season.

Bill Turnbull - who's presenting the programme on Christmas Day - and Sian Williams give us the low-down on their Christmas traditions

  • Bill Turnbull's Christmas questions

    What's your favourite Christmas single?

    Happy Christmas War is Over - the original by John Lennon. The remake is a travesty.

    Do you have any must-see TV programmes?

    Only the back of my eyelids. Whatever's on, sooner or later I fall asleep.

    What are your worst Christmas fears?

    Inevitably, every Christmas Eve I end up in the bedroom sorting things out at the last minute.

    Does your family have any Christmas traditions?

    Carols on the village green on Christmas Eve, opening stockings and ONE present when we get up, coffee with brandy mid morning, and a long, late lunch.

  • Christmas dreams

    That everyone should somehow have a happy, healthy Christmas - if only for a day....

    Sian Williams' Christmas questions

    What's your favourite Christmas Number One?

    Don't You Love Me by the Human League - a fab Christmas party dancing song. Bohemian Rhapsody is a good one to sing (badly) after too much mulled wine. And I love this year's - Mad World - almost as good as the original..

    What is must-see TV over Christmas in your home?

    The Office specials and any old films - is White Christmas on again?

    What is your worst Christmas fear?

    Buying the same present for someone this year as I did last - or getting a prezzie from someone I've forgotten to buy for.

    Being ill would be a nightmare - one year, we were all ill - mum, dad and the boys. We threw our Xmas dinner away and most of us spent the day in bed.

    Do you have any Christmas traditions?

    I'm at my mum and dad's this year so it's like being a child again. My brothers and I get up stupidly early - way too excited - and wait for my dad to get up - which he does, about four hours later.

    Then he's in charge of present delivering and opening - as there's now about 20 of us, that takes hours. My mum runs about frazzled, offering nuts and crisps and looking too hot.

    Then in the afternoon - I want to walk along the seafront but can't drag anyone away from the TV to come with me.

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