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Last Updated: Thursday, 13 November, 2003, 07:21 GMT
Britain's top 10 eyesores
Windfarms voted worst eyesore
Windfarms were voted the worst eyesore
Windfarms have come out top of a list of eyesores in a poll published today.

Country Life magazine has published its top ten after a poll of its readers which discovered that motorways were also very high up the list.

But there are also some very specific examples including Birmingham's New Street station and the Didcot power station.

They take second and third place followed by, in fourth place, the derelict Battersea power station, pylons, 1960s Basingstoke.

Motorways in general found their way into the list and were followed by Knightsbrigde barracks and the St James' shopping centre in Edinburgh.

  • Breakfast heard from the editor of Country Life Clive Aslet, and Jonathan Glancey, Architectural writer for the Guardian

    Service stations along the M1 motorway came tenth in the poll.

    Country Life found that of those polled, many were concerned about the bad design of buildings that were "insensitive to their surroundings" others nominated specific examples.

    The magazine says it was surprised by the nomination of Knightsbridge Barracks which was described as a "dramatically modern building".

    Birmingham's New Street station was described as an "airless and confusing warren, housing one of the country's most important rail interchanges."

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