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Last Updated: Monday, 27 October, 2003, 07:10 GMT
The yawning gap
Breakfast's series on fatigue
Is a 24-7 lifestyle making us more tired?
It seems as though nowadays we're all suffering a little more with fatigue, so Breakfast has decided to explore the subject for our latest series.

All week, we've been trying to find what's causing us to feel more tired.

  • On Thursday, we looked at whether tiredness is a big city thing.

    Jules Botfield got away from it all with a trip to the Isle of Skye.

    Hundreds of exhausted city-slickers escape to the island for a new life. But do they find peace there or is it more tiring than ever?

  • Wednesday

    Jules Botfield looked at the "tyranny of shiftwork".

    She went to meet a Lincolnshire lorry-driving husband and wife team.

    He drives by night, she drives by day - how do they cope? Jules asked them.

    She also visited the Surrey Sleep Research Centre and talked to Dr Neil Stanley, getting the expert view on shiftwork from a sleep research expert.

  • Then we spoke to our resident GP Rosemary Leonard and Catherine Collins, a dietician at St Georges Hospital in London.

    They alerted us to different ways to cope with fatigue, and discussed what medical conditions might be responsible.

    For example, fatigue is sometimes a symptom of iron deficiency. And, according to Catherine, a few cups of tea or coffee is - despite the hype - a perfectly healthy way to dispel the yawns.

  • Tuesday

    Jules went off to Essex to compare our lifestyle now with things in 1937.

    Are we more tired and overworked than our parents and grandparents were at our age? What was their secret to a less exhausting life?

    Breakfast spoke to the sociologist Dr Dale Southerton, who spent three years comparing our pace of life with things in our grandparents' day.

  • Monday Jules undertook the crowded trek home on the London to Brighton train, to ask sleepy commuters why they think life is so tiring these days.

    We also heard from Psychologist Dr Brian Marien, an expert in this field from St Bart's Hospital in London.

    Jules visits the Isle of Skye
    Peace and quiet for many - but not all

    Dr Neil Stanley
    We've convinced ourselves a 24-7 society is a good thing

    Prof Dale Southerton
    We need to look at how as a society we manage our time.

    Dr Brian Marien
    Alcohol and coffee can disrupt sleep

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