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Talking Teenagers: Advice and information
Throughout the week we'll be talking to and hearing from many organisations that work with teenagers and parents as well as providing support.

We've arranged this special list of contacts complete with web links and a brief description of what each organisation does.

Just click beneath each organisation's heading to go straight to their website. We've also put together some advice of our own to help parents and teenagers alike,

Tips for parents and teens

  • Try not to get narked with your parents over strict rules - they just care
  • Confide in your parents, they'll trust you more if you trust them
  • Keep an open mind and listen to what your parents say - respect works both ways too
  • Teenagers are not always wrong, so hear them out and take what they say seriously
  • Don't be scared to reach a compromise - your teen will respect you for it
  • Parents: do say a firm 'no' when you need to, and be consistent
  • Keep a sense of humour and hear your teenagers out
  • Remember your own teenage years, but also ask yourself how you'd have been in today's world
  • Remember, your parents love you
  • Don't leave your parents out of you life - keep talking
  • Try things their way, at least occasionally


    For Wednesday's programme, we've put together a shorter list that specialises in sex and relationships:


    Parentline Plus is a charity offering information, courses and support to anyone parenting a child, parents, step-parents, grand parents and foster parents. Freephone help line 0808 800 2222.

    Family Planning Association

    Or you can call 0845 310 1334

    Advice for under 18s

    Also has confidential Sexwise helpline 0800 28 29 30

    Sense Interactive

    A new CD-Rom developed by Sense Interactive CDs and the National Children's Bureau aims to bridge the gap between children and their parents on the subject of sex and relationship. This aims to offer advice in a fun, interactive format.

    Complete list of contacts

    BBC Talking Teenagers

    Talking Teenagers website with links to Teens and Parents Panels for advice.

    BBC Video Nation

    Video Nation has been working with Teenagers from a variety of backgrounds to find out what they have to say.

    Teenagers talking about what they wear, how they spend their spare time and their achievements are contrasted by their parents points of view. One parent can't understand why his daughter wants him to wait to open her exam results while another jumps with joy when her son arrives home with his.

    For more Video Nation links, click below.

    BBC Text Challenge

    BBC Parenting

    BBC Onelife


    ChildLine is the free national help line for children in trouble or in danger. Also produces leaflets and information on child-related issues. Children and young people can call the help line on 0800 1111 about any problem, at any time - day or night.

    The Child Psychotherapy Trust

    National voluntary organisation promoting healthy emotional development and understanding of the principles of child and adolescent psychotherapy.


    Offers life coaching for troubled teens, parents and teachers.

    National Children's Bureau

    NCB promotes the interests and wellbeing of all children and young people across every aspect of their lives. The Bureau encourages young people to participate in matters affecting them and operates a youth arm Young NCB.

    National Council for One Parent Families

    Works to promote the welfare of lone parents and their children. Runs a lone parent help line 0800 018 5026 and provides a range of information.


    Children's charity providing a wide range of support services to families, young people and children including sex education for parents and teens.

    The National Family and Parenting Institute

    The National Family and Parenting Institute (NFPI) is an independent charity working to support parents in bringing up their children.


    Newpin is a voluntary organisation working with families to help break the cycle of destructive family behaviour.

    Parents at Work

    A national charity which aims to help children, working parents and their employers find a better balance between responsibilities at home and work.

    PinkParents UK

    Offers information, advice and support on all aspects of lesbian and gay parenting.


    Shape is a coalition of children's charities which aims to set the record straight about young people and crime.

    The Trust for the Study of Adolescence

    Formed to help improve the lives of young people and families by carrying out research, distributing information and raising awareness of the needs of young people.


    A national charity working to promote the mental health of children and young people and to encourage the provision of comprehensive child and adolescent mental health services.


    National drugs information and helpline: 0800 776 600

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