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Inside the mind of a millionaire
Self made millionaire Duncan Bannatyne
Duncan Bannatyne started out with one ice cream van
With a personal fortune of 115m to play with, Duncan Bannatyne enjoys his wealth safe in the knowledge that he's grafted for every penny of it.

But what is it that enables some people to find extraordinary wealth?

Well that has been the subject of a documentary which you can see on BBC Two tonight at 9pm.

  • You can see a preview of Mind of a Millionaire followed by an interview with Duncan Bannatyne by clickin on the link at the top of this page

  • There's also the expert's view from management consultant Charlie Atkinson

    Duncan's story

    Duncan Bannatyne is the founder and chairman of Bannatyne Leisure: the largest, private, independent gym chain in the UK, and one of the fastest growing companies.

    Bannatyne Leisure has an annual turnover of 30 million and employs over 1000 staff.

    Duncan started in business with a single ice cream van; he is now worth 115 million.

    Recently Duncan has changed direction and is currently forging his way as a jobbing actor.

    Born onto a Glasgow tenement in 1949 Duncan left school at 15 and joined the Royal Navy, leaving four years later. He headed back to the UK and 'become a millionaire'.

    His success story began in 1980 when he spent 450 on an ice cream van. Within four years he had a fleet of six.

    Profit from the sale of this company led to the establishment of Quality Care Homes which was floated in 1992.

    Duncan sold Quality Care Homes in 1997 and invested much of the 46m he made into Bannatyne Leisure.

    Personality of a Millionaire
    More likely to cheat but not admit it
    Will push their way to the front of an airport queue and get a better seat
    Hard working and extremely focussed

    So his prophecy came true, as over the course of 20 years Duncan has emerged as one of Britain's most successful entrepreneurs. Bannatyne Leisure has over 29 operational health clubs with a further 11 planned by the end of 2004.

    This year Duncan was named Master Entrepreneur of the Year and Overall Entrepreneur of the Year.

    He recently sold his majority shareholding in Just Learning, one of the UK's fastest growing chains nursery and childcare providers. With 27 nursery schools across the UK; Just Learning was sold to Alchemy for 22 million.

    Duncan supports a variety of UK charities, especially those in his adopted hometown of Darlington.

    The expert's view

    Charlie Atkinson was asked to help with the documentary because they were able to identify potential talent.

    Charlie's work as a management consultant involves screening for jobs, but he also does training. He says mostly, personality tests are used, but this is very dull for TV, so more practical tests were devised for the millionaires.

    He says the common thread is that the millionaires don't recognize the usual social boundaries. For example, they'd cheat to win, but they wouldn't see it as cheating.

    They're the sort of people who will go to the front of the queue at an airport and talk their way onto a plane or a better seat.

    He says unfortunately, a lot of it comes down to graft as well. They work incredibly hard and are very focussed an willing to give up a lot to achieve their goals.

    Well you can judge for yourself by watching tonight's documentary.

  • Mind of a Millionaire, 9pm, BBC Two

    Breakfast's interview with Duncan Bannatyne
    "These guys just don't stop working"

    BBC Breakfast



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