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Do you speak teenage?
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Test yourself with our quiz
Do you speak fluent teenage? The chances are almost certainly not, even if you're a teenager yourself

Researchers for a new Penguin dictionary have uncovered huge differences in what's cool and what's not among teenagers across the UK.

Cool is still the most popular word in the UK, followed by wicked, groovy, bling-bling, mint and kerching.

But, there are some words which simply don't travel, according to researchers.

  • We talked to Maggie Philbin - and to the editor of Mizz Magazine, Sharon Christal

    Try our interactive quiz to see how you measure up - and send us your own suggestions for new words using the e-mail form on the right hand side

    Doh! is
    A: Teenage slang for money (standards of spelling have slipped since the sixties)
    B: The first note of the Tonic Sol-Fa scale
    C: Homer Simpson's favourite cry of befuddled rage
    A Scotsman says Fiscrina to you. Is it
    A: A blatant insult to your family's honour
    B: A stab at your first name
    C: The Gaelic for goodbye
    Bling Bling is
    A: Flashy jewellery, usually solid gold
    B: A cable TV quiz show
    C: The sound made by a Japanese telephone
    Laters is
    A: What teenagers call old people
    B: A London text term for two milky coffees
    C: An abbreviation for see you later
    Phat is
    A: a feminist issue
    B: a term of approval
    C: the sound a car's tyres being let down

     Press the button and see how you have done

  • The Penguin English Dictionary is published on August 7. It costs 18.99

    Call my bluff
    Can you do better than our random selection of shoppers?

    Do teenagers and parents speak the same language?
    We talked to Maggie Philbin and Sharon Christal from Mizz magazine

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    Talking Teenagers
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