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How The Boy David grew up
David Jackson in the Breakfast studio
it took hundreds of operations to re-build David's face
Twenty-eight years ago, a baby boy called David was abandoned and left to die in the Amazonian jungle because of a severe facial disfigurement.

Born with a rare disease which destroyed the centre of his face, David owes his life to a few dedicated individuals.

He was rescued by a Swiss charity worker and eventually adopted by a Scottish plastic surgeon who helped repair his face.

David's progress was recorded by the film-maker, Desmond Wilcox, in a series of award-winning BBC documentaries, called The Boy David

Now his story has been made into a film which is about to be released.

This morning, Breakfast spoke to David Jackson.

"Seeing my life on film, it feels like my own personal journal. I'm still writing it, " he told us.

He doesn't remember his life before being rescued at two, from a children's home. What he does remember is the hundreds of operations which helped re-shape his face.

"I'm always afraid of them. I don't like the fact that I don't have control over my own body, " he told us.

Despite that, he's grateful to his father for the surgery - and to the British public, who raised money to pay for it.

Now coming up to 30 years old, David is re-training as a graphic artist and also pursues his talents as a painter.

  • The Boy David Story, certificate PG, is released on September 12 at selected UK cinemas

    David Jackson
    Talks live to Breakfast

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