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Last Updated: Thursday, 4 September, 2003, 18:39 GMT 19:39 UK
Breakfast at the Proms
Yo Yo Ma and Alistair Appleton live on Breakfast
Yo Yo Ma joins Alistair live for the Proms in the Park
The BBC's Proms season is nearing its end, and to celebrate this great British event, Breakfast has had a week of special programmes.

For our final trip to the Proms, Alistair Appleton had a star-studded cast.

Bryn Terfel, Yo Yo Ma and Leonard Slatkin joined us live in Hyde Park, where preparations are well under way for Saturday's Proms in the Park. You can watch their interviews by clicking on the right hand side of this story

We have had several enquiries about the piece of music Yo Yo Ma played to end the programme. He introduced it as the prelude from Bach's first suite.


The winner of Leonard Slatkin's baton and score for the last night of the Proms was Alison O'Donnell from Lincoln.

  • Thursday at the Proms

  • Today we talked live to the soprano Angela Gheorghiu.
    Angela Georghiu
    Angela's voice has been described as "spun gold"

  • We also found out how the former Hear'Say star Myleene Klass is returning to her roots with a new classical chill-out album. It's called Moving On - and it's released on October 20.


    The winner of Thursday's competition is Roger Hancock of Boston, Lincolnshire.

  • Wednesday at the Proms

  • Today - we brought good news for anyone who loves the last night of the proms.

    You may remember that on Monday morning's programme, we told you how the principal flautist Michael Cox had been distraught to discover his flute had been lost on the top deck of a London bus.

    The instrument was made in the early nineteenth century - and is the equivalent of a Stradivarius for a violinist. Cox was due to use it for two solos in Saturday's concert.

    We broadcast an appeal for the flute's return - and someone at the bus garage realised they'd seen it in their lost property safe.

    So, this morning, we reunited Michael Cox with his flute. And we heard the full story of what had happened from the restorer who lost the instrument and the bus driver who found it.

  • Alistair talked to the veteran American actress Bea Arthur, who starred in The Golden Girls.

  • We also heard from Pam St Clement - Pat from Eastenders - about her love of Bach's choral music

  • Wednesday's Competition

    The winner of today's competition is Stuart Chillingworth of Woodford Green, Essex. He gets a bag of goodies relating to the CBBC proms in the park.

  • Tuesday at the Proms

    The pop singer Dido told us why her favourite classical composer is Stravinsky
    pop star Dido
    Dido loves Stravinsky's Rite of Spring

    She says that she loves the power of his music - particularly the Rite of Spring.

    To see Dido talking about Stravinsky click on the link on the top right hand side of the page

    Tuesday's Competition

    What was the name of the hall in which The Proms was first held before it was destroyed during a bombing raid?

    The correct answer was The Queen's Hall. And the winner is Mrs Margaret Colton of Wantage.

    Monday at the Proms

    Alistair spoke to Helen Burridge who is in charge of logistical arrangements for the Proms. To see that interview click on the link on the top right hand side of the page.

    Helen Burridge
    Helen in action backstage

    Helen explained that her job can be fairly hectic, involving as it sometimes does two concerts in a day - every instrument has be changed over for each concert.

    The atmosphere of the Last Night of the Proms will be simultaneously broadcast to audiences in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

    For the first time ever, all six BBC national orchestras perform over the weekend of the Last Night.

    Monday's Competition

    The winner of Monday's competition was Claire Ashton from Brighton.

    Amici Forever

    Alistair also spoke to Opera band, Amici Forever. They have a record out later this month - if you'd like to buy it, the details are : Amici Forever, The Opera Band, Performer(s): Amici Forever, Label: Victor, Catalogue Number: 82876558822. It's released: 15 September, 2003 Audio CD. ASIN: B0000C24K7

    Competition rules

    These rules apply to Breakfast's competitions all week
    1. The competition is open to all residents of the British Isles, including the Channel Islands, aged 18 years or over except BBC employees, their close relatives and anyone connected with the competition.
    2. Entry to the competition is by calling telephone number 08700 109 771. Callers will be asked to answer one question.
    3. All entrants must supply their names and addresses and daytime telephone number
    4. The winning entrant will be the first correct entry drawn after the closing date
    5. The prize changes each day
    6. The prize is as stated. There is no cash alternative.
    7. The BBC's decision as to the winner is final. No correspondence relating to the competition will be entered into
    8. The winner will be notified within two days of the closing date by post or telephone
    9. There is no limit on the number of entries per contestant
    10. Entrants must agree to take part in any post-competition publicity


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    Monday: Helen Burridge
    Helen is in charge of co-ordinating logistics for the whole proms season

    Tuesday: Dido on Stravinsky
    "His music is really powerful"

    Tuesday: Alistair's backstage tour
    Take a look at the parts of the Royal Albert Hall normally hidden from public view

    Wednesday: Why I love Bach
    By Eastenders star Pam St Clement

    Angela Gheorghiu
    Talks to us live at the Royal Albert Hall

    Thursday: Terry Wogan
    Tells Breakfast why he loves Elgar

    Friday: Leonard Slatkin
    Tells us about the experience of conducting the last night of the Proms

    Friday: Yo Yo Ma
    The internationally renowned cellist joins us live in Hyde Park

    Friday: Bryn Terfel
    Tells us about his journey from farm boy to opera star

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