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Find answers here to the most frequently asked questions about Breakfast:

Q: Is it possible to watch Breakfast live on the web?

• Yes, but only from 0600 to 0830 Monday to Friday, and at the weekend when we're on the BBC News channel's live stream .

Q: How can I contact the programme with my views?

• You can e-mail us at:

• You can text us on 61124. Please only send us text messages when we're on-air, otherwise your message may not be seen but you will still be charged your standard message rate.

• Our postal address is: Breakfast TV, Rm 1605, News Centre, BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London W12 7RJ.

• If you want to join the debate on what's in the news, go to the BBC's Have Your Say site.

Q: How can I send pictures to Breakfast?

• Email your pictures to:

• Or send them via MMS to: 61124
You must read the terms and conditions - and don't jeopardise your own safety or anyone else's to take your photo. Terms and conditions for sending photos and videos

Q: Can I watch a recording of Breakfast on your website?

• Unfortunately our programme is too long to be available on the BBC iPlayer, but we do put online our top celebrity interview from our programme on weekdays, so you can watch them on-demand after the programme.

Q: I've seen an item on Breakfast, but it's not on your website

• We can't file a separate story on every item covered by the programme every day. There is a summary however, featuring highlights on the Missed something page - so try this before you e-mail us. There is also an archive which covers the past year or so.

• Our audience line is also a good source of information and advice: 03700 100 125. The lines are open from 7am to midnight, seven days a week. (This is a new UK WIDE number and costs no more than calls to 01/02 geographic numbers, although calls from mobiles will vary according to your provider)

Q: I have a story idea for Breakfast: who should I contact?

• If you have a story or or a press release for our team, just e-mail them direct at:

Q: Where can I find out about local news where Live?

BBC England homepage

BBC Scotland homepage

BBC Wales homepage

BBC Northern Ireland homepage

Q: I missed an item, can you send me a video?

• Unfortunately, we don't have the resources to send out videos to viewers, unless there are highly exceptional circumstances.

Q: Can I get a transcript of items on the programme?

• We do not have the resources to provide individual transcripts of every item.

Q: How do I make a complaint about something on Breakfast?

• If you have a complaint about Breakfast, or any other BBC programme, please go straight to the BBC Complaints website .

Q: Can you put me in touch with a guest on your programme?

• Unfortunately we can't act as a point of contact for guests and do not give out any confidential information such as phone numbers or addresses.

Q: How can I get work experience on Breakfast?

• The BBC runs a work experience scheme and we do sometimes take unpaid work experience candidates here on Breakfast. To apply, you will need to go through the BBC's central unit (not directly to us). The competition is fierce, so you'll need to treat it as seriously as any proper job application.

Q: Can you help with my homework/school project/degree dissertation?

• We have had a large number of requests for help with academic work on various topics, from school level to higher education, but do not have the resources to send out tapes to students. You can use the search engines, either for Breakfast or for the main BBC website.

Q: Why do you send an auto-reply when I e-mail you?

• Because of the volume of e-mails we get, we can't reply to all enquiries individually, but we do read all the emails we receive while the programme is on-air.

Q: What is NewsWatch?

• NewsWatch is a BBC programme, which runs on Breakfast on Saturday and Sunday, that looks at viewers' concerns about any aspect of BBC News coverage. If you have comments about the way we've handled any story, you can send your concerns to NewsWatch .

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