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Joseph Fiennes answers your questions
actor Joseph Fiennes in the recording studio
Joseph Fiennes made three films for Breakfast

To mark the start of our special series of reports from Angola by the actor Joseph Fiennes, Breakfast put your e-mails to him in a special interactive forum.

The forum has finished now, but you can watch it again, by clicking on the link below.


At the start of Christian Aid week, Joseph Fiennes set out to discover why Angola is so rich in natural resources, but remains under the yoke of poverty.

In a three-part series, he sees for himself the legacy of the country's 30 year civil war - and the threat to its future posed by the HIV/Aids timebomb.

  • You can watch Joseph Fiennes' special series of reports on BBC Breakfast this week

    On Monday he looked at poverty in Angola. He found a country where some people are extremely rich - but most are incredibly poor.

    On Tuesday, he'll find out how soldiers from the country's 25 year civil war are adapting to peace.

    And on Wednesday, he'll investigate the threat posed by HIV and Aids in Southern Africa.

    Christian Aid Week

    Joseph Fiennes is reporting for Breakfast from Angola for Christian Aid week. If you want to make a donation, you can do so by phone, by post or through the Christian Aid website. You can phone 08080 005005 to donate; or send cheques or postal orders to: Christian Aid, FREEPOST, London SE1 7YY

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