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Last Updated: Friday, 20 June, 2003, 09:08 GMT 10:08 UK
Metrosexual man

He's the type of man who'd rather have a facial than a pint of lager. He fancies Kylie Minogue, but wants to marry Felicity Kendal or Nigella Lawson.

Does he sound like anyone you know?

Well, he's 'Metrosexual' man and apparently he's taken over from the 'new man' and 'the lad' to become the average bloke living in Britain's cities.

  • Breakfast sent our reporter Max Foster to the advertising agency which came up with the new concept.

    He found a number of men willing to admit to going shopping with their girlfriends and one woman who gives her boyfriend a manicure.

  • We discussed the rise of Metrosexual man with clothes designer Ozwald Boating. And - guess what - he would choose moisturiser over beer, any day.

    Metrosexual man
    Breakfast's Max Foster reporting

    Ozwald Boateng
    Tells us real men do use moisturiser

    BBC Breakfast



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