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Breakfast Friday, 14 February, 2003, 06:13 GMT
Capital gears up for anti war demonstration
Stop the war demonstration
The march could be the biggest for a generation
Hundreds of thousands of demonstrators will descend on London tomorrow for a march and rally. It is part of a day of action across the world in opposition to a war with Iraq.

The event in London - that could see up to a million people on the streets of the capital, has been jointly organised by the Stop the War Coalition, CND and the Muslim Association of Britain.

  • Breakfast looked ahead to Saturday's events; Ken Loach took part in a live discussion with the political columnist Stephen Pollard you can see that by clicking on the link below

    Ken Loach
    Ken Loach: "Unjust, immoral, unprovoked war"

    Ken Loach is against military action against Iraq and will be attending the anti war march. He said he thought that war was unjust, unprovoked, and immoral; and could result in tens of thousands of death.

    His view was that Britain should have no part of it.

    He went on to say it was a human rights issue not to bomb Baghdad - and bombing Iraq could be a catalyst to a wave of terrorism.

    Loach thought international law was the only way to solve things and we could not justify an attack on Iraq.

    He said the security council had to be bound by international law and was concerned that Blair and Bush will go to war irrespective of full support from the UN Security Council which must be bound by international law.

    Stephen Pollard
    Stephen Pollard: "We should have taken action sooner"

    Stephen Pollard was more in favour of military action and said he thought those going on the march were naive.

    He said the UN weapons inspectors had shown how Saddam had failed to account for 65'000 chemical weapons warheads and anthrax gas.

    He said it was up to individuals to decide if they march but that he would like the people of Baghdad to have the right to march.

    He said action should have been taken sooner and said where the US had worked in Northern Iraq, action had been taken and there was freedom and democracy. Iraq was a wonderful country before Saddam.

  • If you're planning to attend the march, we have suggested some useful links below

    Traffic in London will be severely affected, if you want more information click on the BBC London travel website below.

    The Metropolitan Police will also have details of road closures on their website.

    And for full details of the march including travel arrangements, go to the Stop the War Coalition website.

    Events are planned in Brussels, Dublin, Berlin, Rome, Lisbon and New York; but it is thought that the London demonstration could be the biggest in a generation.

    The march sets off from two points in central London - Gower Street and the Embankment, it is scheduled to start at 1200, the two routes will merge at Piccadilly Circus.

    The Metropolitan Police are asking drivers to avoid the roads near the march. Trafalgar Square, Hyde Park Corner and Piccadilly will be severely affected.

    There will be a rally in Hyde Park at the end of the march - speakers are expected to include: Tony Benn, Mo Mowlam, Ken Livingstone, Bianca Jagger and the Rev Jesse Jackson.

    A number of celebrities will be taking part in the march including Bob Geldof, Damon Albarn, Vanessa Redgrave and Ken Loach.

    Scotland and Northern Ireland will be having their own protests. The Scottish anti war march begins at 1100 GMT from Glasgow Green and finishes at the Scottish Exhibition Centre.

    Meanwhile, in Belfast there will be a rally in the city centre.

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