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The bargain hunter
Lynne Jones
Lynne is unable to resist a 'bargain'
Lynne Jones is a single mother and works as a website administrator for a university.

Unable to resist a "good deal", can Lynne be persuaded that it may not always be wise to buy on impulse?

Lynne Jones is a bargain hunter, and finds it hard to resist buying something she considers a good deal.

Her greatest weakness is internet shopping, and about 70% of her purchases are made online. As she works with computers she has easy access to shopping sites, and receives e-mail alerts, which she often responds to.

I seem to have lost touch with the fact that what I earn and what I spend are linked
Lynne Jones

Lynne says that hardback books are the best bargains to be found online, but she also admits to spending money on clothes and recently even bought her garden shed in this way.

With her 12-year-old son away at school, she also confesses to spending "more than I should" eating and drinking out.

She readily admits spending money she does not have and told the programme: "I seem to have lost touch with the fact that what I earn and what I spend are linked."

Lynne believes she is about 30,000 in debt to both loan and credit card companies, but she is unsure of the exact amount, or indeed how much interest she is paying annually on the total figure.

What did our financial expert make of this?


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