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The Record: Europe

21 June edition
Lucy Thomas

Time to think

The Record Europe on Ireland's 'No'

EU leaders have been meeting in Brussels, a week after the Irish rejected the Lisbon Treaty in a referendum.

No concrete solution was found, other than to go away, have a think and come back again in October.

The Record: Europe asks what the options are and whether any of them can please everyone.

Joining Janet Barrie to discuss this are:

  • Gideon Rachman , Foreign Affairs columnist, FT
  • Kathy Sinnott MEP, Irish, Independence/Democracy group
  • Graham Watson MEP, Leader, Liberals & Democrats in Europe

Background to the discussion

Electricity shake-up

Also on the programme, MEPs voted through a major change to the EU's energy markets this week.

The plans would see the separation of generation and distribution of electricity - forcing major companies to sell off their pipelines and grids.

But with oil prices so high and increasing, what sort of difference can these measures make for Europe's consumers?

Watch the discussion in full

We hear from both the industry and consumers as well as three MEPs on what the changes will mean:

  • Eluned Morgan MEP, British Labour and author of the report on the separation of generation and distribution of electricity
  • Jacques Toubon MEP, French centre right and member of the consumer protection committee
  • and Mariela Velichkova Baeva MEP, Bulgarian Liberal join Janet Barrie in the studio in Strasbourg.

The Record: Europe examines the key moments in the political week in Brussels and Strasbourg and focuses on the work of the European Parliament and European Commission.

It is broadcast on BBC Parliament on Saturdays at 2300 GMT, Sundays at 1700 GMT and Mondays at 1000 GMT, on BBC World on Saturdays at 1330 GMT and Sundays at 0630 GMT and on the BBC News channel on Sundays at 0530 GMT and Mondays at 0330 GMT.

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