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'A to Z of Parliament'

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You can catch the programmes on BBC Parliament - or watch them online

Baffled by the sometimes arcane language and proceedings of the Palace of Westminster?

BBC Parliament is here to help, with a series of reports explaining the political significance of the pomp and ceremony.

Take a look at this selection from the 'A to Z of Parliament' series of films:

The Speaker
Andrew Wilson on the man who keeps MPs in order.

Catching the Speaker's Eye
Ana Lockerbie on how legislators catch the Speaker's eye in Westminster, as well as in Holyrood, Cardiff Bay and Stormont.

Westminster Hall
The oldest part of the Palace of Westminster is now home to a second debating chamber for MPs. Aiden James reports.

Ros Ball on the campaign for women's right to vote.

Gunpowder plot
Remember, remember... Cath Speight tells the story of the infamous plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

Crossbench Peers
Peter Ball explains the role of the largest group of peers choosing to belong to no political party.

Party Conferences
Jonathan Willis on the plotting and partying of the annual conference season.

Rosalyn Ball sheds light on the official report of the Houses of Parliament.

Will the Ayes have it? Andrew Wilson on those crucial Commons votes.

We vote them in but how do they represent us? Jonathan Willis takes a look at MPs in the House of Commons.

Commons Whips
The 'dark forces' of the House of Commons? Pascale Yasmine investigates.

Sitting in Private
Rarely successful, MPs can call for a vote to turn the cameras off the Commons. Peter Ball reports.

Private Members' Bills
Alasdair Rendall on when it's time for backbenchers to make their mark on the law.

Edwin Wills examines Prime Minister's Questions, the highlight of the Parliamentary week.

Kitty Jenkins looks into how a member of the public can petition Parliament.

Union Flag
What is the history and significance on the Union Flag? Cath Speight investigates.

Adjournment Debates
Alasdair Rendall on the short debates that finish each day's business in the House of Commons.

Commons Questions
How can MPs hold the machinery of government to account? Find out with Jonathan Willis.

New Commons Rules
Emails are in - but mobiles are out, as Daisy Ayliffe explains.

Augustus Pugin
Cath Speight on the designer who came to symbolise British democracy.

The Lord Speaker
There is a new Lady in charge at the Lords. Aiden James reports.

Big Ben
Rosalyn Ball tells the history of the timekeeper which became a British icon.

Early Day Motions
Who signs them and why? Ed Lowther tells all.

Points of Order
When is interrupting not bad manners? Rosalyn Ball explains.

State Opening
Cath Speight deconstructs the pomp and ceremony of this colourful event.

Ten Minute Rule Bills
A chance for an MP to change the law? Alasdair Rendall investigates.

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