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Falklands Night - Sunday 17 June
Margaret Thatcher and John Nott
Flanked by her defence secretary, Mrs Thatcher tells journalists to 'rejoice at the news' of a swift victory
To mark the 25th anniversary of the end of the Falklands war, BBC Parliament presents an evening of programmes looking back at the military campaign.

The programmes are introduced by the BBC's Falklands Task Force reporter Brian Hanrahan who, on watching planes set out and return on a bombing mission over the Islands, famously coined the phrase: "I counted them all out and I counted them all back."

Falklands Night programmes include:

  • BBC archive coverage

    Defence Secretary John Nott
    Defence Secretary John Nott announces the progress of British troops on May 21st 1982
    Using archive editions of Newsnight, the Nine O'Clock News and Question Time, Brian Hanrahan traces the chronology of the Falklands war from invasion through to final victory, including: news coverage of the Task Force setting off from the UK; the re-capture of South Georgia; the sinking of the Belgrano; the attack on HMS Sheffield; and the battle of Goose Green.

    Presenters who feature in the original BBC coverage include Robin Day, Peter Snow, John Simpson and Donald McCormick.

  • Peter Snow interview

    Peter Snow
    Peter Snow recalls Newsnight's coverage of the conflict
    Peter Snow reflects on covering the Falklands War from London for the BBC's Newsnight.

    He talks about impartiality, being accused of treason and about the celebrated Falklands 'model'.

  • House of Commons debate

    On Saturday 3 April 1982, the House of Commons held its first Saturday sitting since the Second World War.

    It was to discuss the invasion of the Falkland Islands by Argentina the day before.

    HMS Antelope
    A bomb aboard HMS Antelope detonates on May 23rd 1982
    At the emergency debate, the Government unveiled its plan for a Task Force to retake the Islands and return them to British sovereignty.

    Leading for the Government was Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and leading for the Opposition was Michael Foot.

    BBC Parliament replays the debate in full.

You can watch Falklands Night on BBC Parliament from 1800 BST on Sunday 17 June 2007.

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