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Statistics and Registration Service Bill
Legislation will be introduced to create an independent board to enhance confidence in Government statistics
Extract from the Queen's speech
This Bill is the culmination of a programme of statistical reform started in 1998.

The Chancellor announced the government's intention to legislate for independence in statistics in November 2005.

The aim is to reinforce the independence, integrity and quality of government statistics by creating a new independent Board with statutory responsibility for ensuring quality and comprehensiveness in official statistics.

Responsible department: Treasury
Origin: Commons
Territorial Extent: England and Wales
  • Require appointments to the Board to be made through open competition
  • Create a Board free of Ministerial control and financed by special funding arrangements
  • Make the Board responsible for assessing and approving national Statistics against a statutory code of practice
  • Require the board to monitor and report on the quality and comprehensiveness of all official statistics
  • Will establish proper employment status and rights for registration officers (as local authority employees)

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