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Last Updated: Thursday, 26 April 2007, 14:57 GMT 15:57 UK
Select Committee for Communities and Local Government
After constitutional changes that took effect in May 2006, the committee was created as the successor to the Committee on the Office of the Deputy of the Prime Minister.

The committee examines the expenditure, policy and administration of the Department of Communities and Local Government.

Chairman: Dr. Phyllis Starkey MP, Milton Keynes South West, Labour
Sir Paul Beresford MP, Mole Valley, Conservative
Clive Betts MP, Sheffield Attercliffe, Labour
Emily Thornberry, MP, Islington and South Finsbury, Lab
John Cummings MP, Easington, Labour
Greg Hands MP, Hammersmith and Fulham, Conservative
Martin Horwood MP, Cheltenham, Liberal Democrats
Anne Main MP, St. Albans, Conservative
Bill Olner MP, Nuneaton, Labour
Dr. John Pugh MP, Southport, Liberal Democrats
David Wright MP, Telford, Labour
The supply of rented housing:

The committee is investigating issues around the supply of rented housing, covering areas such as social rented housing, the quality of homes, overcrowding, benefit traps and the ability of housing providers to acquire fresh new stock.

Oral evidence sessions have been heard from Minister of Housing Yvette Cooper MP, the London School of Economics and the ESRC Research centre, representatives of the property and letting sectors and city councils.

Refuse collection:

The committee is examining the collection of household refuse and recycling schemes.

MPs will look at the waste service levels provided by local authorities including alternate weekly collections, variable charges ("bin-chipping"), and the contribution that collection methods can make to promote easy and effective re-use and recycling.

The Committee is inviting submissions on these and related issues from interested organisations and individuals


This is a short inquiry seeking to evaluate the creation of the Commission on Equality and Human Rights.

The CEHR will be launched in October 2007 and will have responsibility for promoting and enforcing legislation on gender, disability and race issues.


Tel: 020 7219 4972 and 020 7219 1353
Fax: 020 7219 6101
Email: clgcom@parliament.uk

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