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Last Updated: Wednesday, 8 March 2006, 16:02 GMT
Safeguarding Vulnerable Groups Bill
To respond to a key recommendation from the Bichard Inquiry for a registration scheme, preventing those who are deemed to be unsuitable from gaining access to children or vulnerable adults through their work

Responsible department: Education & Skills
Origin: House of Lords
Introduced: 1 March 2006
Second reading: 28 March 2006
Committee stage: 2 & 3 May 2006
Report stage: 24 May 2006
Third reading: 7 June 2006

First reading: 8 June 2006
Second reading: 18 June 2006
Committee stage: 23 October 2006
Report stage: 23 October 2006
Third reading: 23 October 2006

ROYAL ASSENT: 8 November 2006
  • A new vetting/barring scheme to prevent unsuitable people working with children and vulnerable adults
  • Early detection of those working with children or vulnerable adults who subsequently become unsuitable, and prevention of them continuing in this work
  • Abolition of three existing barring lists and creation of two lists - one for children and one for vulnerable adults
  • Enabling the Criminal Records Bureau to act as an effective information conduit for the new vetting/barring scheme
  • Some employees to be subject to mandatory checks
  • New powers and duties on the Police, Social Services, regulatory bodies and others to share information with, and receive information from, the new vetting/barring scheme

    The bill follows the Bichard inquiry which made recommendations after the Soham murders. The report unearthed a series of errors, which enabled Ian Huntley to secure a job as a school caretaker despite a string of sex allegations against him.

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