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Consumer Credit Bill
This bill aims to improve consumer protection in the loans market, updating the old consumer credit laws, principally the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

Responsible department: Dept of Trade & Industry
Origin: House of Commons
Introduced: 18 May 2005
Second reading: 9 June 2005
Committee stage: 23, 28 June 2005
Report stage: 14 July 2005
Third reading: 14 July 2005
Consideration of Lords amendments: 29 March 2006
First reading: 19 July 2005
Second reading: 24 Oct 2005
Committee stage: 8 & 16 Nov 2005
Report stage: 18 Jan 2006
Third reading: 21 March 2006

ROYAL ASSENT: 30 March 2006
  • Regulates all consumer credit and consumer hire agreements subject to certain exemptions
  • Makes provision for the licensing of providers of consumer credit and consumer hire and ancillary credit services
  • Clarifies the functions and powers of the Office of Fair Trading (OFT) in relation to licensing
  • Enable debtors to challenge unfair relationships with creditors
  • Creates an ombudsman scheme to hear complaints in relation to businesses licensed under the Act

    BILL'S PROGRESS 2004/05
    Responsible department: Dept of Trade & Industry
    Origin: House of Commons
    Introduced: 16 December 2004
    Second reading: 13 January 2005
    Programme motion: 13 January 2005
    Money resolution: 13 January 2005
    Examination by the Standing Committee (E): 25 & 27 January 2005
    The existing statute governs the licensing of, and other controls on, providers of credit or the supply of goods on hire or hire-purchase to individuals.

    The old legislation was created when there was only one credit card available.

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