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Remember, remember the Scottish new members
Photo of the inside of the Scottish Parliament
A new home for the 2003 intake

The second session of the Scottish Parliament is now under way and there are a host of new faces to get to know.

To avoid confusing your SSPs with your SNPs here is a guide to three of the new intake.

The festival organiser

Colin Fox got so excited on election night he made his hurdling debut. A tense ten hour wait for the Scottish Socialist Party (SSP) candidate ended with a leap of joy when the result was read out.

But it was a closely fought victory. Under the list system used for the Parliament's elections just 68 votes out of the 300,000 cast gave Mr Fox a seat.

Result aside, the highlight of his election campaign was the backing his party received from Muslim leaders in the Lothians region. He describes hs speeches at mosques as "wonderful occasions".

Mr Fox names his political inspirations as Robert Burns - whose song he sang instead of taking the parliamentary oath - Martin Luther King, Tony Benn and Lenin.

As a Member of the Scottish Parliament Mr Fox says he is "determined to bring about real improvements in the lives of working people."

He sees the Parliament as a useful platform for taking his party's socialist message to "people not normally open to MSPs".

Away from his political work, Mr Fox has played a role in launching one of Britain's biggest pop stars. The Edinburgh People's Festival, which he organises, gave David Sneddon his "big break" prior to winning Fame Academy and stardom.

The farmer

Looking after an organic farm and a family of five would keep most people busy but Shiona Baird has become a member of the Scottish Parliament as well.

Full-time farming in Aucterhouse, Dundee will have to be put on hold now she is a Green Party representative.

Aside from her interest in organic farming, Mrs Baird is determined to make her constituency litter free.

Her political heroes are Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela.

As a MSP she is looking forward to "greening the whole Parliament and everyone who works in it".

The fireman

Stewart Maxwell hails Winnie Ewing - one of his predecessors in the Scottish Parliament - as a political hero.

The Scottish Nationalist Party (SNP) stalwart may have bowed out of frontline politics but her influence lives on in the new list member for the West of Scotland.

Mr Maxwell names his 'international hero' as Nelson Mandela.

Mr Maxwell is seeking to end the "outdated" first-past-the-post system for local government elections.

And as a senior administration officer for the Strathclyde Fire Brigade he will have plenty to say on reforms to the fire service.

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