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Unit 2 Reading List
Governing the UK
by Nicola McEwen
Lecturer in Politics at the University of Edinburgh writes for BBC Parliament

If you would like to read more about this topic try the following books:-

Unit 2: Governing the UK
I Budge, I Crewe, D McKay and K Newton, The New British Politics (1998)

B Coxall and L Robins, Contemporary British Politics, 3rd edition (1998)

J Dearlove and P Saunders, Introduction to British Politics, 3rd edition (2000)

J A G Griffith, The Politics of the Judiciary, 5th edition (1997)

P Heywood, Politics, 2nd edition (2002)

B Jones, D Kavanagh, M Moran and P Norton, Politics UK, 4th edition (2001)

P Norton, British Polity (2001)

G Peele, Governing the United Kingdom, 3rd edition (1995)

R Pyper, The British Civil Service (1995)

R A W Rhodes and P Dunleavy, Prime Minister, Cabinet and Core Executive (1995)


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